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Think FAST!
We're taking BIG steps to improve Emergency Medical Services in our community...

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The Reason...


Prehospital Care is an important component in life saving efforts when you experience a medical emergency. Patients have a higher survivability rate when medical intervention is started at patient contact. Emergency medical care protocols have evolved greatly over the years allowing EMS to provide the initial care that you would receive in an emergency room, sometimes up to an hour before you arrive at the hospital. This includes but is not limited to pharmaceutical administration, restarting a heart, or respiratory intubation. 


Introducing F.A.S.T.


The Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Department has proven to be an industry leader and trend setter in everything from firefighting, rescue operations, and specialty rescue disciplines such as Marine Emergency Team 21. Models for volunteer ambulance services are failing nationwide and more and more volunteer departments are forced to pay EMS providers to attend a unit that rarely stays in the community that funds it. We believe through trending and research, that we can successfully provide a volunteer EMS service and maintain a high level of patient care, utilizing a model for volunteer EMS we call F.A.S.T. First Arriving Stabilization Team. FAST is a program that puts EMS providers at your door when you need them most. Our EMS providers will arrive with life saving interventions to stabilize a medical emergency until the arrival of an ambulance. We believe that this program is the future for volunteer EMS and will increase provider longevity and reduce exhaustion of our volunteers. Fire departments use a similar model all across the nation and this style service is long overdue to the communities we serve.   


We’re taking immediate action...


The Bowleys Quarters Volunteer Fire Department has taken progressive action to purchase a 2023 Ford Super Duty truck to be outfitted with an EMS utility body, the latest response technology, and state of the art medical equipment. This investment in our community comes with a total estimated projected cost of $145,000.


We know we can count on You...


Your help is paramount in completing this project as planned. Our target "ready to respond to incidents" date is August 1st  2023.  This is 100% dependent that we receive enough donations to complete this project as projected. Your gifts are paramount as we are asking our community to contribute to the remaining $41,000 budget deficit for this project. 

Let’s Work Together

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