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Our Mission

          The primary mission of this Department is to provide safe, efficient, and timely emergency fire suppression, rescue, basic life support, and public fire safety education to the residents/occupants on land and water areas within our assigned response district. We shall continuously recruit, train, organize, and manage training levels in areas of fire suppression, rescue, basic life support, as well as minimal levels of participation in all company activities.

Our Hertiage

Before the end of World War II, our waterfront communities were made up of mostly summer cottages with few full time residents. From this small group came the "community volunteer" that had the most to gain from adequate fire protection and rescue service. They also had the most to lose without it. As the war drew to a close and the Civilian Defense group was about to disband, several interested citizens decided that our community should not be without fire protection. This auxiliary fire group became the Community Volunteer Fire Department of Bowley's Quarters and Vicinity in September of 1945...

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